A. Admission / Tuition Fee Policy

1. Admissions Policy

I. Background:

  1. The policies and procedures in this document have been written with a consideration of the current rules and regulations for makeup academies worldwide
  2. Aliya Baig Academy of Makeup, hereby referred as ‘ABAM’. The admission policies and procedures have been written with full consideration of the best practices and recommendations by the governing bodies who regulate the quality code for admissions and the guidance issued by supporting bodies.
  3. A commitment to provide a high-quality application experience underpins all of the academy admission policies and procedures and all processes are developed with applicant needs at the forefront.

II. Purpose statement:

  1. The purpose of this document is to ensure that all applicants, advisors and other interested parties have access to clear and definitive information on the process of applying with ABAM.
  2. This document can be read before, during or after an application to ABAM and may be of particular use in the case of a complaint or appeal being made regarding the handling of an application or enquiry to ABAM. Admissions at ABAM are expected to be familiar with and follow the processes mapped out in this document and it is expected that all applications to ABAM will be handled professionally, responsibly and in line with our stated policies and procedures.

III. Applicability & Scope:

  1. The admissions policies and procedures within this document serve as an overarching policy for admission to all ABAM courses, validated short term programs, and course internships. This ensures a consistency of approach across all programs and levels, where a difference in procedure exists between levels will be clarified.
  2. This policy document is in effect for any courses held from January 1st 2020 onwards

IV. Responsibilities:

  1. The ultimate authority to offer a place at the ABAM program lies with the Admissions team at ABAM. All applications and enrolments will be validated and approved by the designated authority.
  2. All applicants are expected to provide full and honest information as part of their application, documentation and any subsequent enquiries. Applicants who do not respond to enquiries or provide the specific information requests are liable to have their application rejected
  3. The responsibility for accepting applicants with “non-standard” applications lies with the academic team.
  4. The responsibility for ensuring the accuracy and relevance of this Admissions Policy lies with the Head of Admissions.
  5. This policy document has also been reviewed and approved by senior management at ABAM who drive our commitment to the ethical and fair acceptance of students.

V. Fair and Transparent Admissions:

  1. ABAM has a firm and passionate commitment to encouraging all who have the ability to benefit from the ABAM courses to access it with the maximum ease and the greatest flexibility.
  2. We aim to select the participants those who will benefit the most from working with us. These will include those from under-represented groups, those looking for second opportunities, those already in work, and those looking to develop themselves later in life.

VI. How to apply:

  1. ABAM recommends the student to visit the academy and enrol by making a nonrefundable advance towards the course.

VII. Admissions Criteria:

  1. The Academy seeks to admit applicants it believes have the potential to succeed. Underlying this strong belief are three factors we feel are key to indicating the likely success of a student:
    1. Ability at a certain level in thinking and learning
    2. A strong foundation
    3. Motivation and commitment
    4. The minimum age criteria to qualify for ABAM courses is 16+ years. All applicants must submit a personal statement in support of their application by their parents/ guardians.
    5. ABAM reserves the right to request evidence of any qualification/experience stated on the application form.
    6. It is mandatory for all ABAM applicants to submit their respective Aadhar card, failing which the application will be rejected.
    7. The admissions on most of the courses are on a first come first serve basis.

VIII. Data Protection

  1. All information held by ABAM will be treated in confidence and the applications will not be discussed with third parties, however, in some cases the academy may share contact information with approved partner brands
  2. Applicants who do not wish to have their information discussed with any third party must give a written consent to the Head of Academy before the course begins

2. Course Fee Policy

IX. Introduction

  1. The academy is committed to a fair and transparent policy in respect of the fees and the charges it expects students to pay.
  2. The course Fee Policy forms a part of the academy terms and conditions and should be read in conjunction with them, together they provide a framework for the setting, payment, collection and reconciliation of course fees.
  3. The course fee includes usage of all makeup and hair related products and elements that are required for learning, however, certain equipment like Brush Kit, Hair Mannequin, Hair curler and Hair Straightener are not a part of the academy equipment offering due to health, hygiene and safety purpose. These can however be either bought from the academy or will be part of an ongoing promotion, alternatively, the students can get their own equipment or purchase from the academy at the discounted academy pricing
  4. The policy ensures that students receive various notices with advice, demands and sanctions clearly highlighted. Only in those cases where students do not fulfil their responsibilities, will the ultimate action be taken to withdraw them from a course.

X. Course Fee Principles

  1. Students will pay the entire fee at the beginning of the course commencement, including any other fees that is particular to a course
  2. If for any reason any student does not complete their course, and joins the successive batch, then the new fee regime (if any) will be applicable.
  3. The course fee policy operates alongside a number of other related academy policies. These policies work together to provide a framework for the setting, payment, collection and reconciliation of tuition fees.
  4. The academy reserves the right to exclude any students who fail to pay their course fees, or make satisfactory arrangements to pay on, or by a set period after the start date of their course.

XI. Course fee Refund policy

  1. Candidates must read and understand the rules pertaining to payment and refund of fees, before seeking admission to any course at ABAM. The ultimate responsibility of seeking information lies with the student
  2. No disputes regarding refunds will be entertained from the moment the Advance Fee is paid against a blocked seat
  3. Advance Fee – which is a 25%-part payment of the entire course fee is non-refundable under any circumstances without exceptions. In case the course is called of due to unforeseen reasons then the admissions fee/advance payment will be adjusted for the next available batch
  4. If a candidate takes a leave of absence, withdraw or suspend the selected course, no refund will be initiated.
  5. No fee will be refunded in following cases (This is pertaining to the full paid fee)
    1. Case of non-performance
    2. Attendance below specified level
    3. If candidate is expelled in case of a disciplinary issue
    4. In case a candidate is found to be non-eligible or not following any rules and regulations specified by the academy in the Students Guidelines and Students declaration form during any stage of the admission process or course delivery, his/her admission will stand cancelled.
    5. In certain exceptional cases, upon recommendations from academy’s management, the paid fees will be carried forward for the next upcoming batch for the candidate.

XII. Fee Payment Schedule & Timelines

Fee TypeAmountDue by
Registration Fee25% of course feeFirst come first serve (nonrefundable without exceptions)
Balance Course Fee75% of course fee2 days prior to commencement of course
Special equipment and other FeesAs applicableAs informed during the Induction

XIII. Course Withdrawal policy

  1. Students who withdraw after registration in the selected course, will stand to lose the entire registration fee without an option of using the amount for any other batch or any other service by Aliya Baig Academy of Makeup or any other affiliates
  2. Students who withdraw after commencement of the course, will not be eligible for any refund of the paid course fees.

Students can apply for exceptional withdrawals when special circumstances prevent compliance and the decisions are on the discretion of the management.